The Palmer Public Library stands in solidarity with those seeking to eradicate police violence against Black people and unequivocally joins the American Library Association and public libraries across the country in supporting the call for racial justice. Libraries have a long history of advocating for marginalized people and opposing ignorance and prejudice, and we are committed to honoring and carrying on that legacy. We recognize that we, like everyone, have a responsibility to consider how our actions contribute to a culture of racism and how our inaction undermines efforts to create real and lasting change.

Accordingly, the Palmer Public Library pledges to take the following actions in the upcoming year in an effort to advance the movement for racial justice:

  1. We will review our collection and address areas in which Black voices and other marginalized voices are lacking.
  2. We will offer programming for all ages on topics related to antiracism.
  3. We will reassess our policies to identify any ways in which they disadvantage people of color or other marginalized groups.
  4. We will encourage library staff to pursue professional development and self-education on topics related to antiracism.
  5. We are in the process of revising the library’s Mission and Vision Statements to emphasize the creation of a safe and welcoming environment for marginalized people. The revised statements will be finalized and approved later this year.

We recognize that these steps are only a starting point, and we invite our community to share thoughts, feedback, and ideas about further actions we might take in our efforts to oppose injustice.