Answers to some of the most common questions we receive can be found below. You can use the links at the top of the page to skip to a question. To see a comprehensive list of library policies, please visit our Policies page.

How do I get a library card?

It’s easy! If you don’t already have one, visit our Get a Library Card page to submit an online application. We’ll mail you a “Good News” postcard to verify your address. Once you receive the postcard, just drop it in one of our book drops and a librarian will be in touch to schedule a time for you to pick up your new card. If you do have a card (even if it’s expired or you can’t find it), you should Ask a Librarian before submitting an application.

How long can I keep the materials I check out?

3 Weeks: Most books, audiobooks, music CDs, VHS tapes
2 Weeks: New books, video games, TV series
1 Week: DVDs, Blu-Rays, Speed Reads, magazines

Can I renew my library materials?

All library materials are eligible for one renewal except Speed Reads and special items like museum passes, which cannot be renewed. Every item renews for the same amount of time as the original checkout period. Our library now uses automatic renewal, so any item that has a renewal available will renew automatically on its due date.

Do you charge late fines?

We do not charge fines on any item owned by our library or returned at our library.

How many items can I check out at once?

Up to 50 total items can be checked out on your account at one time. Please note that this total includes items checked out from any CW MARS library.

In addition, some item types have a maximum that can be checked out at once:

  • 10: DVDs, Blu-Rays, audiobooks, music CDs
  • 2: Video games, board games

Can I use a computer at the library?

Yes, you can! We have dozens of computers available to the public on both the first and second floor. You do not need a library card to access a computer or to print.

Does the library have WiFi?

The library has a public WiFi network that is available anywhere in the building and in parts of the parking lot. There is no password to access the library’s WiFi. To access the WiFi, choose “LibraryPublicHotspot” from the list of available networks. You should be redirected automatically to our Computer Use and Internet Access policy, which you will need to accept to begin your session.

Does the library offer printing/copying?

Printing is available from any public computer in the building, in both color and black and white. You can also submit a print job from home using our Mobile Printing service. Copying is available at the copier located behind the Circulation Desk. Prints/copies cost $.20 per page for black and white, and $.50 per page for color.

Does the library offer scanning or faxing?

You can scan a document to a USB flash drive or to email from the copier located behind the Circulation Desk. We do not presently offer faxing.