No more late fees on any Palmer items!

That’s right, library fees are a thing of the past! As of now, we are no longer charging fees on any items owned by our library or returned at our library. For more information, check out our Fine-Free FAQ below:

Why have you decided to stop charging fines?

We want everyone to be able to use the library, and we feel that fines stand in the way of that goal. Fines represent more of a hardship for some people than others, and we don’t want anyone to stop using the library because they owe us money. 

There are really no fines on anything?

That’s right! We will no longer be charging fines on any item owned by the Palmer Public Library. (That includes Palmer-owned items that are checked out or returned at other libraries.)

What about items from other libraries?

Anything that is returned at the Palmer Public Library will be checked in without fines, even if the item is owned by another library. 

Wait, there’s still a fine on my record. What gives?

Clearing away old fines needs to be done manually, and it’s going to take us a while to get to them all, but we’re working on it every day. If you have a Palmer fine on your record, please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll get rid of it for you!

What happens if I keep a library book for too long?

If an item isn’t returned by a few weeks after the due date, the item will be marked “lost” and you will be blocked from checking out additional items until it’s returned or replaced (in the unlikely event that it’s actually lost). This is how our system already worked, so nothing is changing except that you won’t owe any money once the item is returned. 

How will you make sure items get returned?

Many libraries have found that wanting to check out something new is a much better incentive to return library materials than fines are, so this problem actually solves itself. If someone wants to keep using the library, they just need to bring back what they’ve already borrowed!

How will the library maintain funding?

Many people are surprised to learn that fines represent a tiny fraction of the library’s budget. We don’t rely on fines to keep the library open or to provide any of the materials, services, or programming we offer. 

Will I still be billed for lost or damaged items?

Yes, you will still be billed for the replacement cost of an item that is lost or damaged. You can also purchase a replacement yourself, which is often a cheaper alternative. If you can’t afford to replace a lost or damaged item, please get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to find a solution!  

I liked paying fines! How can I support the library?

Thank you for your support! We’re happy to accept donations in lieu of fines. There are donation boxes in the library, or you can donate online by visiting our Donations page.

I have a question that isn’t addressed here.

No problem! Email or submit your question on our Ask a Librarian page and someone will get back to you soon.